Intro Committed to writing my purpose everyday


Hello my name is Charlie and I am a young entrepreneur I am committing to a practice of writing my journal everyday from here on out so first of all let me introduce myself to you all.

My name is Charlie and I come from a family of doctors, all my life I was raised to become a doctor and take on my family practice but over the years I have grown a fascination in marketing for various local businesses including limousines, taxi, tree service, Garage repair & more

Right now I want to take on the practice where I am committing myself to wiring my passions everyday and my purpose.

So here goes, my life purpose is to become an icon for unlimited possibilities.

To be known for someone that works hard and is always hungry & driven towards a vision & goal.

My life purpose is to be a inspirational, motivational speaker & author so that I can inspire million of young kids to also follow their goals & vision in life.

My life purpose is earn so much money where I am able to retire my parents and free them from the financial struggles of life.

My life purpose is to create a company that is so strong that others also get to live their dreams.

My life purpose is to become someone that is spiritually evolved where I no longer seek love & approval from others, but I only seek to serve & give to others.

I become so good at sales because I seek to serve people, I agree with people in their wrongness, and I offer alternative thinking.

My life purpose is to become a person of influence, to speak like an influencer and to lead a life of opportunities and big big potential.

I meet clients everywhere I go and I am capable of accomplishing big goals with people that are the height of their game.

I make friends with other people of influence and millionaires. I hang out with the elite sales people of the world. I am an empowered person that deserve all the successes of the world.