Change of Direction +Review of another Limo Company


So I am having super lucky lately because I got to party inside a limo again, and this time it’s becoming a seriously fun habit. When you are stuck on the road with  nothing to do with friends that want to spend some money why not get a limousine service its a sure way to have a great time during the weekend. I never really fully comprehended how awesome a limo can be. If everyone pitches in like a hundred, then you can get yourself a really nice limo for the night where you can party all night long, all day with drinks on board without having to worry about getting a DUI!

Top 5 Reasons to Get Limousine for your Birthday

  1. In Michigan places like Novi, Ann Arbor, Detroit there’s really nothing better to do
  2. No DUI
  3. A place to get intimate with strangers
  4. Experience a club like experience inside
  5. Feel like a Boss

There’s many reasons to get a limousine, in my opinion this could be because CMS LAMP has a thing for LED lights and stuff inside limousines.

Or because I grew up in the streets of Detroit in not very superb upbringing so the best thing we could do was go out to your local bar. So like getting a limo is like a big deal. I feel successful and on top of the world. It is the best feeling ever to be able to have someone chauffeur you around time VIP style.

The Event Leading Up to the the booking

This time we decided to go with a Limo company, in Sterling Heights.

Word had it that they had many cool fleets hat I like.


Will you look at this? A stretched out red bull limo haha amazing! Imagine if that was full of Red Bull! How hyper will you get. This reminds me of the many Red Bull cars that was riding around when I went to college at Michigan State University.


Check this crazy truck out! what kind of crazy dude had the vision to make something like this. It’s funny to think about what went through his through processes as he got this, went out of the trouble to mod it this unique! you have to give the man credit for his vision though and his ability to make his dream a reality. This is an example of a man on his mission. And you have to admit, the thing is ridiculous but kinda cool and admirable!


Now I’ve always been a fan of F1 racing and vehicles but I never saw someone mod it into limo like this! I’m not sure if it’s street legal though? I would def take it for a spin but I think I would get arrested not going very far. Be stuck in the driveway not being able to move or get out. This thing is sick and I would love to get a ride in it.

As you can see I am becoming a fan of limousines…

The night in the Sterling Heights Limo was fantastic yet again. We gathered bunch of our girl friends and guy friends and had a time of our lives going to various venues and bars around Michigan. I think we were out for like over 7 hours that day and the bill was big but it was well worth it. Like everything out there was just so fun and fantastic. I will do it again if I had the choice.

Next time I would bring more drinks on the ride granted we went through two fifth and 2 cases of beer. It was quite the eventful night let me tell you. By the end of the night everyone was just GONE. haha

Ok so let’s recap, in last post reviewed about me hooking up with a girl. but this time we got too drunk and CMSLAMP didn’t pull through for it. I will do better next time I promise.


Further proof that romance still exists, Helped by Limo


I have an interesting story about recent even when I got lucky in a limousine ride and was able to meet a really wonderful lady. I didn’t expect her to be so into me by honestly the limo had such a nice environment I felt like it really helped. I will be forever grateful for that day because when your in Michigan living in this cold winter then you must get some sort of awesome fleet to take you around time. When everyone is going out for the countdown you can count on your favorite star rocking sanchez to come in for the kill.

what am i saying what am I talking about.

Let me tell you about a story of one eventful night with nights that go on forever till end of time, I don’t know how to rhyme but this night I was. it was a hip hop contest and I was the main attraction. everyone from my high school joined in and I was the main kill for the best night of my life.

so gather around everyone as cmslamp tells all and find out why not everyone is suppose to win the girl in any given night. I was rapping in a fierce contest yall, the shit was intense. I was wid my homies and we were getting ready to celebrate the night hard

it getting late and the girl were lookin, drowzy and I was going for the kill on the dude just spittin straight bars yall. And the girls were watching and I was dress to impress.

Like biggie in the 90’s with IDGAF attitude. Ya’ll know what I mean. Why was a flossing because I was riding in sickest limo in lansing the best ever. And we got suck a sick deal on it too everyone was was dressed up but I was in my usual hip-hop clothes just rocking to some beats dre. Beats yo.

The interior had sick sound and lights, it had a real hip hop vibe and it was like soo sick. One of the best experiences in my life. The girl was super hot and there was drinks allowed inside the limo!

Now I had experience with Lansing’s Party Bus but never a limo. It was surprisingly spacious too. It was just such a great experience that I would like to do it all over again and again. The round trip price was only $600 which was super doable for me. It was incredible.

I would definitely recommend this to other limo lovers around time.

So let me tell you little bit about my attitude and what went through my thought process through out the night.

Stop frontin and let me do my thang was my attitude. The dude was scared because I was just eating him alive like a monster.

The rap game is only for the strong and illest. CMSLAMP got that swag boy and yall want none.


  1. Thou shall not steal
  2. Thou shall not bite
  3. Thou shall not snitch
  4. and I felt like this video

I live by these rules ya’ll you best believe that I am the illest and most ruthless champion there’s ever been

there ain’t no one that can stop me.

People try to jack my style by I was raised in the mean streets of Detroit and you can’t find no one that can match me.

So what happened at the end of the night?

Did I get the girl?

Did I win the battle?

Yes to both. And I didn’t even miss a beat. Ya dig.

So why am I saying Romance still exists? because I took the lady out for a nice limo date night and it was grand, epic

seemed like time slowed down just for me and I was onto stair way to heaven. It sounds cheesy but really time felt like it slowed down and we were floating in space.

It was a wonderful feeling…