Cool Phone Chargers on the way!!!


In this blog we are all about getting the coolest phone charger for your samsung phone!! As phone phonetics we want the best of everything ! and that includes having the coolest phone charger for your brand new Samsung!!!

And according to this list, the best Samsung phone for 2015 is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!!!

Yea we couldn’t agree more, I personally own this phone and its amazing, and I’m a long term apple iphone addict! Now I have finally sobered up and realized the truth

That is Apple iPhone was once the elite but now it is simply carrying the fame and it is simply over hyped.

Samsung understands this and in order to grab any market share they know they have to excel and beat the iPhone in every category possible. They are the challenger and iPhone is the Goliath but how that story goes, the underdog prevails.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is so beautiful, sleek, fast & powerful you don’t want to go anywhere in the world without it. There are many perks above iPhone but most important the OS has been cleaned up tremendously and it now rivals that simplicity of iPhone at the same time having the wider spectrum of funtionality of DROID based OS.

I asked myself the question, why was I so resistant to changing over to Android phone when I am well knowledgable of the specs and superiority of the Samsung, well I was afraid of change, like all things in life people are afraid of change

Once you do change, you might be quite surprised how much you enjoy the new Samsung over iphone, it can do so much more, and lets face it the new iPhones really don’t offer that much over the previous models.

Lets begin to take a look at what chargers you should get for Samsung there are some really cool options out there that will make you cooler than rest of the kids.


Check out this one for example, this one is for iPhone but we are developing a similar one for Samsung. What’s cool about these charger is that they are very durable. And its harder to lose or misplace them because it just pops out. Not to mention if you have cars with certain body colors you can get the matching car charger to really make the whole interior look sexy.

You will see that getting phone charger that is special like these is a cool bonus. I have been working with a limousine owner that wants to source various cool chargers for his limousine and to make a really cool interior console for him, he is looking at special wires that light up with LED so this is something we are working on as well. As he has many fiber optic lighting in his vehicles, he also want to light up as many things as possible. LED and Fiber Optic to light up his phone charger certainly won’t make or break his already awesome interior but it will certainly help and add to the fun as his clients get into the car and plug their iPhone or Samsung in, to have charger cord that is also lit up will impress his clients that much more and make his limo service stand out from the competition that much more. “Oh this was the company with the cool phone chargers that I wanted!” would be some of the comments hopefully we will begin to hear!! I think its a great idea and it shouldn’t be too difficult to develop one that will be quite impressive.


Welcome to the blog, Samsung Lovers!

As you may have guessed we are into Samsung deep.

Let’s face it, iPhone and Apple is losing its grip after Steve Jobb’s left the earth. Their iPhone 6 lacks anything new in our humble opinion. I mean truly, functionality wise, are iPhone 6 users doing anything drastically different than what they were doing on the iPhone 5?

Don’t worry we’ll wait.

The reality is no, the 6 really doesn’t offer anything new in regards to function!

This is why more than ever we are seeing increase in users that are venturing out and trying something new for the first time ever, leaping from what’s been comfortable, the iphones into an abyss of unknown territory.

And there is much attention headed towards the Samsung.

Because Samsung understands that in order to get any attention from users that already own the iphone for a long time, they can’t just make a phone that is marginally better than the iPhone, it has to beat it on all levels at spectacular levels.

This drives not only Samsung but other companies to produce a product with specs often doubling what iPhone can do and we all know that its not all about the hardware but software is possible even more crucial. The OS, it is hard to define which OS is best as a lot of personal preference is at play here but one thing is for certain, Samsung took drastic leaps in ingenuity in 2015 to make something that will be worthwhile.

If you are one of those people that ventured out into the Samsung world then you might want to stick around as we will be launching one of the coolest Samsung Battery Charger on the market.

Now you are asking yourself why would you need a special battery charger separate from the default one that’s including in the original packaging?

Well in the coming weeks I will show exactly why that might be so…

For now let us say that we have developed chargers for iPhones in the past, but as this article might suggest, our opinions about the iPhone 3-4 years ago was much different than our stance on it today. Now a days we are much bigger fans of Samsung and operating outside the limiting confines of Apple OS.

Here’s 1 cool charger we developed in the past.